SUPER FUN THING TIDBIT TIME: I have a dumb instagram account where I tie flies and make a bunch of stupid stories about them. You can find it at @ totally_realistic_fliez_srsly

What I believe IN

  • The power of relationships and the power of voice.

  • That a great story connects us to brands that we can believe in.

  • Sasquatch.

THe Nitty Gritty


Wunderman Thompson Seattle

October 2018- Now | Copywriter

Here I write all things digital for T-Mobile. It's a direct and unique voice that I've had fun getting to know.

Dell Blue Creative

November 2017- October 2018 | Copywriter

Here I got a chance to really diversify my writing, working on everything from big budget TV campaigns to small targeted social campaigns and technical product description copy. An inhouse ad agency is a different breed of cat, but opportunities to present to different clients around the world and to match my writing voice to an international language has proven invaluable. I came to this job with the goal to help push the creative to new heights and was able to do so with some of the spots I wrote for the Dell Personas campaign.

McGarrah Jessee

June 2016- December 2016 | Copywriter Intern

One summer, I landed an internship that would make me a true believer in this cult we call advertising. Here I was able to work on everything from traditional and social/digital campaigns to packaging and rebranding for clients like Shiner Beers, Justin Boots, Skinny Pop, Whataburger and YETI Coolers. Between long hours spent editing TV spots, writing pages upon pages of lines, or learning the art of pitching work in front of a scowling creative director, I got the full experience. I was also able to work under some of the most creative and talented people I've ever met, who were fortunately willing to show me a thing or two.


Job Propulsion Lab

February 2016- December 2016

At JPL, Bart Cleveland taught me the essential copywriting techniques andthe know-how to make great advertising. Here I began my first integratedcampaign for Land Rover and then Fitbit. I really got to flex my writing muscles on a series of long copy ads for Quinn Popcorn.

University of Texas at Austin

Major: Rhetoric and Writing Minor: Advertising

Austin Community College

2013-2014 General Studies


Mormon Missionary – 2011 - 2013 I became proficient in Spanish, immersed myself in Argentina, and learned how to knock on a lot of doors. Sadly, it was nothing like the musical on Broadway